The Box III:

Gavin Belson Signature Edition.

The Box

SAS/SSD/NVMe drive bays

The Box III is pushing the limit for performance and reliability. Welcome to advanced computing.

24-core processor option

A level of processing power that races past the competition. Forget horsepower. This is rocket speed.


Introducing the new benchmark for memory capacity. Whoever said data processing couldn’t be elegant hasn’t met the Box III.


“Amazing. Simply amazing.”

— Rogelio Padilla, Hooli Executive

“The design came to me in a dream. It’s intuitive. It’s durable. It tests the boundary between technology and environment. But the signature is all Gavin.”

— Dang, Lead Designer
Gavin Mobile

“The Box III cements Hooli’s legacy of innovation. And my signature — that’s a promise from me to the Hooli user. To buck the impossible. To keep imagining new ways to change the world. To keep striving for a better tomorrow. To stay restless, never settling for the status quo in data storage devices.”

— Gavin Belson, Founder and CEO Signature

Making the world a better place.

Square Icon

We’re more than the chat, mail, search and phone that’s crowned Hooli as the most respected brand in the world.


We’re going beyond our unrivaled cloud computing services...

To create the next

big thing

in tech innovation.

Hooli isn’t just about software.


Hooli is about progress.

The same drive that’s fueled our visionary diversity, societal contributions and unwavering commitment to social justice...


Also pushes us to go beyond the bounds of what others deem possible.

At Hooli,

we never fit ourselves into just one box,

or even two.

Adding to our store of APIs, NFCs, IDEs, SDKs, PPIs...